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Welcome to The Brain Training Centre

At the Brain Training Centre, we offer you and your loved ones a range of neuromodulation services designed to assist you to live your optimised life.

Led by one of Australia's most experienced clinical practitioners in neurofeedback, Jon Hegg, the Brain Training Centre specialises in resolving your symptoms of challenging conditions such as ADHD/ADD, anxiety, depression, learning disorders, sleep problems and more. All services are non-invasive, have no side effects and create real, lasting change.

Neuroscience is speeding forward with a new understanding of how the Mind/Brain/Body works and how we can enhance neural functioning and repair mechanisms in the brain.​ Through the process of neuroplasticity, our brains continue to develop and strengthen new connections every day. We now have evidence that even people aged over 100 years continue to grow and replenish new neural pathways.


The exciting news within this latest understanding in neuroscience is that we can optimise the way our brains function through physical training (learning), biochemical input (medication) and by training the electrical domain (brain waves).

The brain communicates and functions electro-chemically. Networks of brain cells are activated and organised electrically. Neural networks bind together and fire off in synchrony. As Hebb's Rule states, ‘neurons that fire together wire together!' 


We have known for over 40 years that we can train brain waves to improve all manner of neural networks. This is achieved through the technique of neurofeedback - one of the most amazing discoveries in modern science. 


Explore our site to learn more about the services we provide and the conditions we can help with. 

Contact Us today to book an appointment.

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