As at January 2021, the costs for assessments at the Brain Training Centre are as follows:

Brain Map (qEEG): $750.00 


This fee includes a comprehensive report, treatment recommendations and initial interview (Assessment). A copy of the report will be provided to you at your follow up appointment. Please note that the follow up appointment to discuss your results is complementary, that is, there is no fee. A copy of your report can also be forwarded to your GP/Treating Psychologist or Psychiatrist on request for no additional charge.


Neurofeedback training: Based on a standard two session per week program our clinic fees are $275.00 per week for the first ten weeks and $200.00 thereafter. Home/Remote training is now available. Please contact the office to discuss sutiability.  Family discounts will apply. Medicare rebates may be available. Please see below. 


Psychological Counselling: $225.00


Private psychological counselling sessions are available, and work well in tandem with brain training.

An individual session runs for 50 minutes.  




Medicare Rebate: $84.80

To be eligible for any Medicare rebate you will need to ask your doctor for a Mental Health Care Plan for Psychology before your appointment with us. Please note: as a Mental Health Care Plan requires you to book an extended consultation with your GP, let the receptionist know when you call to make the appointment that this is what you would like.

If your doctor is happy to write you a Mental Health Care Plan for Psychology you are entitled to rebates for up to 20 psychology sessions in a calendar year. Six of these sessions are under the Initial Mental Health Care Plan. When you return to your GP for a review after those six sessions, the doctor can refer you for a further four sessions of Psychology.


Please contact us if your wish to discuss the details of your individual situation.


Neurofeedback/Neuromodulation $125.00 per session

Unfortunately, neurofeedback is not currently covered by Medicare. We sincerely hope this situation will soon change as more individuals continue to benefit from this service. 

If you can demonstrate financial hardship due to medical circumstances, we can arrange a reduced session fee. Please contact us to discuss your situation.

Services Policy and Informed Consent

Please read our Neurofeedback Services Policy document if you are interested in pursuing Brain Training. You will be required to sign and submit this document in order to provide us with your informed consent prior to the commencement of training. Please download and sign a copy  from the link below. You can bring a hard copy with you to the clinic or, alternatively, you can sign a copy digitally and email it to us at the Brain Training Centre here.