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Do you think you could perform at your peak if you had a calm mind? What about if your mind and body could be in harmony, would be able to succeed more quickly? You bet you would – and BIG time. There is a reason elite athletes use neurofeedback, it works! Training your brain to work optimally is the same as training at the gym to build muscle. Repeated exercise in targeted areas at the right pace and frequency under the guidance of an expert can’t help but increase performance physically or mentally. That’s a fact.
The success of neurofeedback with elite sports people has now spread to the amateur sports person and professionals all over the world. Whether you are a corporate executive, teacher, emergency services worker, speaker, surgeon or any other area where you want to be at your best, neurofeedback is for you.
Train your brain with the Brain Training Centre. You can stop the critics in your mind and the memories of past failures from sabotaging your performance. You can improve your level of concentration, reduce any anxiety and calm your focus. How different would your life be if you could enhance your mental endurance? When others tire and falter, you will remain mentally sharp and great – you will have the edge. Imagine being able to get ‘in the zone’ at will – invaluable in any and every area of your life.


What is Flow?

What Benefits Can Neurofeedback Offer Healthy Individuals? 

In all aspects of our lives, to have an optimal performance it is necessary to have good concentration, attention, memory – the ability to keep the mind focused, clear and sharp, flexibility of mind – ramping up to peak performance at the key moments but then relaxing again afterwards, not getting trapped in a state of over-arousal, creativity, the ability to achieve inner calm in the face of stressors – stress management skills. Today Neurofeedback training for peak performance is one of the best effective tools that provide all these features, necessary for our successful life and high achievements in various spheres of activity – sport, education, professional activity, business, etc. 

Neurofeedback training/therapy can do more than help people cope with various conditions. They also enhance performance where creativity and mental processing are important. It helps athletes, musicians, artists, schoolchildren, and students in their academic performance and diverse business professionals. There are many examples of individuals and groups using EEG neurofeedback and biofeedback to enhance their performance in the business world and on competitive athletic fields.

Optimal performance includes many components including our intellect, cognitive abilities, sense of emotional harmony, prevailing attitude and personal motivation. The amazing thing is each of us can enhance our performance regardless of our starting point. 

Neurofeedback is appropriate for anyone at any age.

Neurofeedback has been used to help individuals function at their very best. The system works through brain optimization, which is how it can help a variety of brains and purposes. The various complaints you may suffer can be considered signs that your brain is not functioning as efficiently or optimally as it can. Brain training helps with stress management, heightened focus, faster reaction times, and more.

Artists, athletes, students, and executives have all found increased performance using neurofeedback.

A photo from 1963 demonstrating the telemetric equipment developed by the Space Biology Laboratory headed by Ross Adey et al. to measure EEG in space. Ross Adey — who pioneered QEEG — is the person on the right in the top left picture. Also note the IBM-7094 computer on the bottom right picture, which was the first computer used to crunch QEEG data (Courtesy of the Computer History Museum). 

Neurofeedback is Used for Peak Performance Training By:

  • The Pro golf circuit

  • Formula 1 teams

  • NASA astronaut training centre​

  • United States Olympic Training Center

  • English Institute of Sport (Olympic Training Center)

  • Canadian National Olympic Sports Centers

  • Norwegian Olympic Training Center

  • Taiwanese Olympic Team

  • Singapore Olympic Sports Council

  • US Special Forces and Navy Seals training

  • US Army's Centers for Enhanced Performance

  • Wingate Institute of Sports & Physical Education, Israel​​

  • Human Performance Institute, Australian Special Forces

  • West Point Military Academy

  • And many others...


What Can Peak Performance Training Do For You?


Neurotherapy is rapidly becoming the first chosen method for people seeking to be the top of their field. Whether you are an elite athelete, climbing the corporate ladder, optimising your brain for learning, or are simply striving to be your very best, gain your edge at the Brain Training Centre.

What Can Peak Performance Training Do For You?

Sports/Athletic Performance

  • Potentiate the Flow State

  • Enhance Concentration

  • Sharpen Focus

  • Harmonise Mind-Body Connection

  • Reduce Reaction Times

  • Optimise Autonomic Arousal

  • Improve Performance Under Pressure

Business/Professional Performance

  • Maximise Executive Functioning Skills

  • Facilitate Multitasking

  • Optimise Pre-existing Abilities

  • Minimise Distracting Thoughts

  • Increase Resilience

  • Maintain Competitive Edge

Academic Performance

  • Enhance Study Capacity

  • Support Creative Thinking & Problem Solving

  • Improve Attention & Focus

  • Increase Motivation for Learning 

  • Improve Memory Retention

  • Facilitate Critical Thinking 

  • Maintain Clam

  • Reduced Exam Anxiety


  • Quiet the Mind

  • Find Stillness

  • Maintain Focus 

  • Minimise Distracting Thoughts

  • Reduce Mental Chatter

Are you are serious about optimising your performance? At the Brain Training Centre, we will give you an assessment to map your brain and create an accurate training program so that you can realise your true potential and become your best self.  

Action-takers are always the most rewarded, so contact us today!

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