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It is now possible to experience the benefits of neurofeedback training from the comfort of home.

In fact, many of our clients opt to undertake Home Training due to their circumstances.

This is especially beneficial for people who live in remote or rural areas, have physical disabilities, or have work/family commitments which restrict their hours. If you would like to undergo neurotherapy but cannot visit us in the clinic, please contact us to arrange a home training option. 

What Does Home Training Involve?

Neurofeedback home training is the same as neurofeedback training in our clinic. The only difference is that you can do it at home in your pyjamas! If you choose a home training option, you will be required to make an initial visit to our clinic for your qEEG assessment and follow-up consultation. This allows us to see how your brain is functioning so we can then customise a training protocol specific to your needs.

We will teach you how to apply your own electrodes (it's easy!) and how to operate the training program, which you can run on your home computer. You can then train at your leisure, according to your own schedule. Our expert neurotherapist, Jon Hegg, will oversee all your training to make sure things are going smoothly, and will keep in weekly contact with you. You will be monitored and supported every step of the way. You are welcomed and encouraged to contact us at any time throughout your training should you ever need support or just want to check in.  

Neurofeedback training requires the use of an amplifier and electrodes. If you do not have your own equipment you are welcome to purchase or lease this from the Brain Training Clinic.

For long-term training needs, this turns out to be more cost effective than training in person. 

Please contact us to discuss your situation.

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