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A stress response isn’t something you choose, it's something that takes place in your brain in a fraction of a second. Once you are conscious of being stressed it has already happened! While we do indeed live in the ‘lucky country’, we also live in a society where we have constant exposure to stressors, all of which take a toll on our mental and physical wellbeing. Our immune system suffers, the neurons in our brain get damaged, we gain weight and lose energy, sexual performance suffers, and ultimately we are hastened toward a premature death.


This sounds drastic, yet it is true. Stress, be it emotional or metabolic, and the concomitant interference with sleep regulation, is associated with every known chronic disease and psychological disturbance. But stress it isn’t ‘cured’ by going to bed early or having a bubble bath - what we do in our downtime isn’t the issue. More significant is the manner in which our brain handles stress and therefore how our body utilises stress hormones such as cortisol, epinephrine and norepinephrine.

Why do some people have a greater resilience to stress than others? Why do minor setbacks or interruptions cause some people to go into crisis, while the same event might simply roll off another's back? And how can you yourself become resilient enough so that minor (and major) disturbances don't cause a significant hinderance in your life? The answer to these questions lies not in how we manage the symptoms of stress, nor by eliminating stress altogether (impossible). Rather, when it comes to withstanding stressful life events, the solution lies in our brain's ability to react healthily to stress as it occurs in the mind and body.


Neurotherapy gives real-time feedback to the brain, thereby enabling it to retrain itself into a healthy, adaptive response to stressful input. The specific response patterns of your brain, and your Default Mode Network, are unique to you. Following a neurological assessment and consultation at our clinic, our expert neurotherapist will design a neurofeedback training protocol tailored specifically to meet your individual needs. 

The training process itself is effortless and occurs unconsciously. As your brain learns to effectively process stimuli so that it responds optimally, your brain is then able to relay signals to the body to promote ease and facilitate an integrated response to stress, rather than reacting through a reflexed stress response. Visit our FAQ section to learn more about how the training process works. 

At the Brain Training Centre, we have successfully helped many clients to find a better way to manage the stresses in their lives, and thereby find a way to greater happiness and contentment.

Contact Us today to find out how we can help you. 

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