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Brain Mapping (qEEG)

A human brain is as individual as a fingerprint. No two are alike despite the fact that they look and act somewhat similarly. A brain map provides intricate information about your unique brain. This tool allows The Brain Training Centre to create your most efficient and cost-effective desired outcome. Let us explain a little more...

A qEEG stands for ‘quantitative electroencephalography’ – and that is why we refer to it as a brain map. It's a sophisticated and highly reliable assessment process which reports on the electrical activity within your brain. A qEEG differs from a traditional EEG in that it performs an extensive set of computerised statistical analyses. The map it creates provides highly detailed information about your specific brain function.


qEEG-guided neurofeedback is the most efficient form of training developed to date. This is the approach we use at the Brain Training Centre. We address learning disorders, anxiety and depression, epilespy, sleep disorders, attention memory challenges, peak performance training, autistic spectrum disorders, tinnitus and brain injury – amongst other conditions.


As with all assessment tools however, the true value of the data depends upon the expertise of the user. The qEEG process generates a report shaping complex data into practical training protocols. Jon Hegg, our neurotherapist at the Brain Training Centre is one of Australia’s leading experts in neurofeedback. Jon personally assesses each qEEG analysis in the context of other information gained through your consultation and any other tests where relevant. He then combines all the information to produce a specifically targeted and highly effective set of therapeutic protocols for neurotherapeutic treatment. These are discussed with you during your follow up appointment.

Brain Mapping & Assessment

Preparing for Your Brain Map (QEEG)  

A Brain Map will take approximately one hour to perform. It is safe, non-invasive and you will experience little to no discomfort.

On the morning of the assessment

1. Please thoroughly wash the scalp three times in a neutral shampoo (Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Shampoo is recommended and available in most supermarkets). Do not use a conditioner nor make up. This will ensure good skin contact and allow for clear signals to be recorded. 


2. If your GP agrees and if it will not cause you any stress, it is best to avoid any short acting medications on the morning of the assessment. Please provide specific information on any medications which may be present in your system so we can account for the EEG effects that may be present.


3. The conductive gel is easily dispersed in your hair. You may bring a towel to dry your hair after a light rinsing. If going straight on to school or work it is good to rinse your hair so you feel as comfortable as possible.

Other Assessments

The Brain Training Centre offers a comprehensive range of assessments.

More info soon...

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