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The Brain Training Centre is Proud to be Affiliated with the Following Companies:


If you are interested in purchasing a pair of blu blockers for yourself or a loved one, we recommend the Australian company Blublox. Blublox offer the only glasses on the market which block 100% of the blue and green frequencies between 400nm and 550nm. Blocking these frequencies is essential for the maintenance of proper circadian rhythms. To learn more, please visit the BluBlox website


As research into red light therapy has progressed, it has become increasingly apparent that the treatment offers astonishing health benefits. Clinical studies are beginning to explore the diverse potential of red and near-infrared wavelengths for healing diverse physiological and mental conditions. Think of red light as food for your body; providing nutrient-dense nourishment that contributes to enhanced well-being.

Numerous Red Light Therapy devices are available on the market now. If you are interested in experiencing the benefits of PMB at home and want to invest in a device for yourself, but are uncertain which brand offers the safest device with the greatest benefits, we recommend Platinum LED. To learn more, please visit Platinum LED Therapy Lights here



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